SouthPark Mall Inside Fountain


A fun, animated fountain inside a shopping mall

This fountain is located in the first transept you reach when coming from the mall’s main entrance. This part of the mall has existed since the mall was built in 1970, but it is uncertain when this fountain was installed, and when it acquired its present form.

The fountain itself consists of four distint sets of jets.

  • The innermost set is a single vertical jet that varies from a couple of inches to a couple of feet high.
  • Surrounding the central jet is a ring of eight vertical jets that vary in height together, but usually in counterpoint to the one central jet.
  • Near the outside edge of the fountain is another ring of several dozen jets. These shoot inward in parabolic arches about 15 degrees from vertical. They get the highest of all the jets in the fountain.
  • Finally, there are eight large jets that emanate from the very edge of the fountain at a 45-degree angle.

The edge of this fountain serves as a bench. It is perfect for anyone to sit and watch the play of the animated fountain.


SouthPark Mall
4400 Sharon Road
Charlotte, NC 28211


Fountain inside SouthPark Mall


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