The Story Behind the Site...

The seed for this website was planted a few years ago, when my wife was looking for something to do with our son one Saturday afternoon. He was about three years old, and the siren call of TV had already started to pull him. She wanted to get him outside in the open air, when she hit upon a clever idea: the two of them would go on a fountain-hunt in downtown Charlotte. They enjoyed it so much that they took me along the next weekend to show me all the fountains they had discovered.

Fast forward a couple of summers...

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Fish Fountain on the Green

Ben at the Fish Fountain on The Green, downtown Charlotte

Top 10 Fountains in Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. Fish Fountain, The Green, 435 South Tryon Street
  2. Wachovia Atrium Plaza, 301 South Tryon Street
  3. Mist Fountain, The Gardens at Gateway, 800 W. Trade St.
  4. Three Children Playing in a Fountain, United Cerebral Palsy Center, 716 Marsh Road
  5. Park Towne Fountain, Park Towne Village Shopping Center, 1600 East Woodlawn Road
  6. Inside Fountain, South Park Mall, 4400 Sharon Road
  7. Lake Fountain, Freedom Park, 1900 East Boulevard
  8. Waterfall, Thomas Polk Park, Trade and Tryon
  9. Lighted Fountain, Ballantyne Village, 14911 John J Delaney Drive
  10. Whitehall Head Sculpture Fountain, Whitehall Corporate Center, 3700 Arco Corporate Drive


Walking Tour of Downtown Charlotte (includes several downtown fountains)